E-Signatures Change Our lives

Signing your name to close a business deal, or obtaining someone else’s signature to close one, is one of the most exciting moments that will happen in your life. Consider the times in which you signed on the dotted line to buy your first car or home. Remember that feeling of accomplishment that coursed throughout your entire body? Well, now, you can get that same feeling within the comfort of your own home. The e-signature, or electronic signature, is fast becoming one of the most convenient ways to sign a document online. There is plenty of

21 Jul 2014

Lending Club: An Overview Of A New Financial Market Platform

As online financial platforms proliferate, it is important to understand them if wanting to get involved as either a borrower or investor. The largest U.S.-based platform in this market is the Lending Club. As it prepares to go public with an IPO, the ante has been raised as potential investors need to understand the platform prior to determining whether they plan to participate.

Lending Club is becoming a popular alternative to securing loans through traditional institutions, such as banks and credit card companies. With investor returns at traditional banks also being low, and interest rates for borrowers being fairly high, Lending Club stepped in to take advantage of this obvious spread. The online marketplace platform features several ideas, all of which have helped it garner big profits.
1. Peer-to-peer Lending
Lending Club connects potential borrowers with willing lenders in an online marketplace platform. If a borrower wishes to garner a small loan between $1,000 to $35,000, they can apply through the platform. The Lending Club then utilizes online resources to check the borrower’s creditworthiness, then assigning a risk level and rating. Lenders can include individuals who can buy pieces of various loans in $25.00 increments.
2. Doesn’t directly loan
The Lending Club itself doesn’t directly loan money to borrowers. Rather, it simply connects borrowers with willing lenders. The lenders are able to review the borrower’s risk level and determine whether or not they wish to invest by loaning money. Lending Club makes money by charging borrowers fees of up to 5% for connecting them with lenders.
3. No need to maintain buildings or ATMS, so costs kept down
Traditional banks have to maintain buildings, ATMS, and thousands of employees, including tellers and loan officers. Online financial platforms are able to operate at a fraction of the cost of these traditional institutions. By using the internet for their platform, these standard overhead costs are significantly reduced. Having lower costs has translated into having larger profits. Last year, Lending Club boasted over $4 billion in loans, and it continues to grow. Since the Club itself is not bearing the risk of default, as it doesn’t directly lend money, its profits have skyrocketed.
4. Can offer borrowers lower interest rates and investors higher returns
One result of its ability to keep costs down is that the Lending Club can offer borrowers lower interest rates on unsecured loans while simultaneously providing individual investors higher rates of return. For instance, if someone borrows money through Lending Club instead of through a credit card, the rate and fee could be as little as 14.5%, significantly lower than standard credit card rates through traditional lending sources. The individual investor then could realize a return of 8-9% on his investment. To learn more, go here for a review of Lending Clubs.

09 Jul 2014

Sydney CBD MYOB Services – Getting Started With Your MYOB

The moment you have installed the MYOB software, you will most likely find it hard and confusing to get started. Well, this is not surprising especially when you are not inclined to the different tasks in your business that have something to do with the computer, systems and software.

Upon the installation of the software, simply find it on your computer desktop or in a folder where you have chosen to save it. The moment you found the software, you may now click the icon to open the software. You will see a welcome window and on it you will find five various options for you to choose from.

1. Open File – This allows you to open a company file which was already created and is already existent.
2. Create New File – This particular option allows you to create a file for your business or company. It is much like creating a new file when you open certain types of MS programs.
3. Explore Sample Business or Company – This option allows you to come up with experimentations with the existing sample business data. This will soon expose you to the different procedures and ways by which you can make use of your MYOB software in the process.
4. What is New in this Particular Version – This option gives you the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the various features (existing and the new ones) of the MYOB version which you have purchased.
5. Exit – This option is quite obvious; it simply means that you need to close the MYOB software which you have used just recently.

Getting Started

The option which entails about Exploring about the sample business or company is a very helpful way to get you started. The sample business has already been pre-made for you so that you will have something to use for your experiments. It also allows you to go over the different aspects of your MYOB without necessarily affecting the overall functionality of the existing files which you have created for your business.

It is also in this option wherein you can find actual accounting elements that have already been inputted or entered. All you have to do is to make yourself clear and familiar with all these data and elements most especially on the way on how the program or software works. By way of experimenting with the pre-made company file, you will be able to try something new and learn from it in the process. Never be worried because none of your experiments will affect any of the existing files you have created. Basically, clicking the Explore option will provide you with the sample company as the sign-on window appears. No password is required in this field so you will never have to worry about forgetting your password along the way.

If you find it confusing and tedious to get yourself started with MYOB installation and its use then what you need to do is hire Sydney CBD MYOB Services. Get these from Irenas Bookeeping and avail professional and affordable MYOB services for the enhancement and success of your business along the way!

20 Mar 2014